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Vidrios para Auto

En Scorpio Auto Glass nos esforzamos en brindarles el mejor precio y en mejor servicio a toda la familia hispana. Despues de estar por mas de 10 anos apoyando a nuestra comunidad les reiteramos que estamos aqui para servirles.

Nosotros en Vidrios Para Auto mas bien conocida como Scorpio Auto Glass le podemos servir con los siguientes servicios:

Remplazo de:
  1. Parabrisas para auto.
  2. Ventanas Laterales para auto.
  3. Ventilas para auto.
  4. Medallones para auto.
  5. Vidrios traseros para auto.
  6. Servicio a Domicilio Gratis en todo el metroplex!

Tambien pueden disfrutar de nuestro gran servicio en nuestro establecimiento ubicado en la esquina de la calle Singleton Y el Loop 12. donde contamos con una extensa variedad de cristales automotrices para tenerlo de vuelata en su camino en el menor tiempo.

Gracias por su preferencia. Gracias por Hacernos sus amigos de confiaza!

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Featured in the Dallas Morning News

Recently Scorpio Auto glass company was featured on the biggest news paper circulation in the Dallas Fort Worth area.

It was in relation to the increase activity of vandalism suffered in the Metroplex area from side windows to vent glasses from back glasses to sunroofs, it is a very sad story the one we are experiencing with the economy the way it is. Necessities are getting bigger and bigger the struggle for people to survive this economic phase so please if you are about or you are planing to go soon to do your shopping for Christmas put your things away hide your values GPS devices are really nice but they are the number one target for robbers!

I will keep you posted! 

Hot Checks and Credit Cards.

It is amazing the amount of hot checks and credit card fraud we have been hearing from our customers please pay attention they are certain people just waiting for the right time and moment to get you!

Attention Great Customers!!

You as the consumer have the option to choose the auto glass company of your preference to replace or repair your windshield or any auto glass part in your vehicle.

Making a glass claim with your insurance company does not affect your monthly premium in 99% of the cases.

Very often your insurance company or agent will refer you to a glass company of their choice, saving them money thus sacrificing quality parts and workmanship.

If your windshield has a chip or a crack, the structural integrity can be unsafe because the windshield is part of the safety cage, Your windshield helps keep you in the vehicle and helps to hold up the roof in the event of a rollover accident!

If your windshield has stone chips or stars, they can greatly reduce your visibility of the road.

Don`t think it twice call the experts of Scorpio Auto Glass and set-up an appointment Now!

70% Off Auto Glass





Scorpio Autoglass was founded in 1997, we started as a one man operation to a whole operation serving the Dallas-Fort Worth area (DFW).

Our goal is to be Dallas-Ft worth first choice for quality auto glass repair and replacement.

Our 24-hour Online scheduling system is convenient for in-shop or mobile service, Our High Quality Materials and Certified Technicians Make the difference.

Scorpio Auto glass glass is a preffered vendor by most insurance companies Give us a Call!

Don`t let This Happen to You!

"The whole window was shattered. So it was really hard to tell. You couldn't see a hole or anything. The whole window was out," George Willis said.

George Willis said the worst part is that she borrowed the van from a friend, who had yet to hear that it had been damaged .Police said some of the vandalized cars had cash and radios stolen.

Well you know that in this or any Auto Glass Situation You HAVE an Expert you can Call:

Scorpio Auto Glass!

(214) 884-3080

In Texas it is required the Vehicle State Inspection by State Law!

There is a big percentage of vehicles on the road that require a window repair or replacement and most of them have expired vehicle inspection tags and to qualify at the inspection station you need to replace your auto glass depending of the position of the breakage!

At Scorpio Auto glass we are aware of this problem in our community and we are a helping hand with Low Prices!

So you can take care of your needs and continue with your regular schedule.

Give us a Call at 214-884-3080 we have customer service rep`s standing there 24 hrs. a day 7 days a week!

There is people that are driving on the road minding their stuff and bammmm!!! a big rock hits the glass!


In your mind starts to crave that little voice that says "Who is going to Fix my glass?"...mmmmhhh. Sad thing but......

You don`t have to worry because at Scorpio Auto glass we have the solution for your needs, so why worry about that stuff and let the experts take care of it, The Experts at Scorpio Autoglass we are dedicated in providing you with that unbeatable expertise and pricing we are the best choice!

Give us a call or email us at:

(214) 884-3080 in Dallas area.
(817) 416-0483 in Fort Worth area.
(972) 871-0313 in any area!


We are conveniently located in the mid part of the DFW Metroplex

Coming from the North located on south bound loop 12 1 mile before I-30 exit singleton.

Coming from the South located on south bound loop 12 just after you passed I-30 the first exit on the right is singleton blvd turnaround going south and we are going to be next to the FINA gas station.
Coming from the East after you passed Downtown Dallas we are going to be 5 miles from it and you exit on loop 12 north we are going to be in the singleton exit after you get off the ramp of loop 12 .

Coming from the West

From downtown Ft. Worth your drive is about 18 miles to loop 12 north we are going to be in the singleton exit after you get off the ramp of loop 12 .

At Scorpio Auto glass we are straight forward with pricing we want that our great customers take advantage of our coupon specials!

Our quoting system allows the customer to get an idea how much it will cost them to replace the glass they are needing without making a phone call.

A customer once told us that he was tired of hearing the same old story every time he called a glass company and after he found Scorpio Auto Glass in Dallas everything changed for him not even he could get a quote he got the service scheduled from his own computer at his desired time and date.

So do not wait any longer contact us so you can get the service that you deserve!

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At Scorpio auto glass our main priority is the customer we dedicate ourselves to search the best quality and best pricing available on the market that is our motto.

Scorpio Autoglass
Chip Repair

We can repair your glass at no cost to you ! using our advanced instrumentation we have your costless solution!

We service all major insurance companies in auto glass dallas.

auto glass dallas tx we are pleased to work with you in any matter possible we are professionals working for you we are a dallas auto glass company with free mobile service.

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